User Acquisition: Adjust Integration – old version

555 views 2019-04-14 Ofer Garnett 0

In order to run User Acquisition campaigns in Adjust, please follow the next steps:
  1. Login to Adjust’s dashboard —> Click on the “Tracker URL’s” under the segment “Setup Your App” – see how to do it in two steps in the following screenshots:
  2. Under the pane (which opens on the right side), click on “New Tracker” at the bottom of the Pane.
  3. In the lower segment of the pane, input the name of the tracker per your convenience under the “Tracker Name” bar.
  4. Under the network tab, search for Youappi.
  5. Click  “Customize”, under “Campaign structure” bar, input the following parameter values per convenience: CAMPAIGN (for campaign naming) and CREATIVE (for defining specific creatives set).
  6. Click on “Apply” then click “CREATE“.
*Please note that YouAppi “Partner Setup” in Adjust, as appears here, is a configuration used for the RE-engagement campaigns exclusively.