Reporting API

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This document provides directions on how to access YouAppi’s reporting API for Re-engagement.

API Request

Request URL Format

Access to the YouAppi reporting API for Re-engagement is via http GET, using the following URL:

Mandatory Parameters

  • apiKey – apiKey is a unique API key that will be provided to the advertiser by YouAppi and will look similar to this: 888777666-987-4268-b99c-e24f9b286bc5. The advertiser must replace the xxx placeholder in the example below with the token provided. Please note that the value for this parameter should be hardcoded into the link once.
  • start (for example, 2018-04-24)
  • end (for example, 2018-04-24)


API Response

Response Format

The response of the API is in JSON format. YouAppi’s response looks like this:

  "count": 2,
  "results": Array[2][
      "day": "2018-06-12",
      "campaign_name": "aaaaa",
      "campaign_id": "12345",
      "country": "us",
      "promoted_item": "bbbbbb",
      "os": "iOS",
      "device_type": "Mobile Applications",
      "publisher_id": "123456",
      "creative_name": "1st creative",
      "clicks": 12,
      "conversions": 4,
      "spend": 2.0
      "day": "2018-06-12",
      "campaign_name": "ccccccc",
      "campaign_id": 1234567,
      "country": "fr",
      "promoted_item": "dddddddd",
      "os": "Android",
      "device_type": "Mobile Applications",
      "publisher_id": "987654",
      "creative_name": "my creative",
      "clicks": 1000,
      "conversions": 20,
      "spend": 5.0

Available Parameters

The table below contains information about the parameters that are available through the API. In order to get them, add “&fields=” to the URL with the selected fields.
For example:,promoted_item,spend,os,publisher_id,campaign_name,ad_group_name,ad_group_id,country,device_type,conversions,clicks,campaign_id,day

API Response




Field Name Description Value Type Values
day Date Integer i.e 2020-03-19
campaign_advertising_type Campaign Type string UA/Reengagement
campaign_name Campaign Name String
campaign_id Campaign ID String
ad_group_name Segment Name string
ad_group_id Segment ID string
creative_name Creative Name string
creative_id Creative ID string
creative_cdn_url Creative URL
creative_end_card_cdn_url Video Creative End Card URL string
creative_type Creative Type string Video, Banner, Native
creative_variation Creative Variation Name string
creative_variation_id Creative Variation ID string
country Country
promoted_item Advertiser Bundle ID
os OS Name String



ssp SSP Name
publisher_id Publisher Name Array of strings