AppsFlyer Integration

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1. Choose “YouAppi” under integrated partners tab


*** Important Update ***

All integrated partners in AppsFlyer’s dashboard MUST be activated for attribution and postbacks, by toggling their Activate Partner button


2. Integrations tab:

  • Please Insert the ADVERTISING_ID provided by YouAppi both under “General settings” and under “In-App events settings”
  • Insert ADVERTISING_ID in trackerToken Input text box.

  • Install view-through attribution: Please toggle “on”
  • Re-engagement view-through attribution: Please toggle “on”

  • (For iOS only) Enable Advanced Privacy (for iOS 14.5+ and later): Please toggle “OFF”
  • Default Postbacks: In the “Sending Option” of “Install” event, please choose “All media sources, including organic”
  • In-app Events Postback: Please toggle “on”
  • In-App Events Postback Window: Please set it as “Lifetime”

  • Please Add Manually the different events you want to share with YouAppi.
  • In the “Sending Option” of each event, please choose “All media sources, including organic”
  • In the “Send Revenue” of each event, please choose “Values & revenue” where applicable.

3. Attribution Link Tab

  • Retargeting setting: toggle ‘on’
  • Please implement the Deep link URL

  • Please set ‘Re-engagement’ window to 30 days
  • Please set ‘click-through attribution’ on 7 days
  • Please set ‘View-Through Attribution’ on 1 day

  • Please share the Click and View-Through URLs


4. Permissions Tab :

  • AdNetwork Permissions should be Toggled “ON” to provide app access.
  • Permissions: Please toggle all the tabs to “ON”

5. Re-Engagement Attribution Verification:

  • Click on the “App Settings” page under the “Configuration” topic on AppsFlyer.
  • Ensure the View-Through attribution via probabilistic modeling is ON.
  • Ensure the “Re-Engagement Attribution” is ON and the “Minimum Time Between Re-Engagement” conversion is set as None.


Please reach out to  if there are any queries in Integration, and our support team will assist you.