Re-engagement: Adjust Integration

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1. Enter your app settings in the adjust dashboard within the panel that slides out and Select partner setup:

2.Press the “add partners” button at the bottom of the page:

3. Search for “YouAppi” in the search field and press the + button:

4. This takes you into this field where you can enter the Pixel ID and Client ID.

There is also a toggle to enable the sending of revenue in event callbacks:

By clicking event linking, events can be linked. Linking an event makes adjust send event callbacks for this event.

5. Event linking has a drop-down menu as seen below:

6. you can also enter a custom value:

7. After the module is set up, a tracker should be created using the tracker wizard. This will ensure that the tracker and module are linked. Do this by going back to the app settings and clicking “Trackers”:

8. Then click new tracker at the bottom of the page:

9. This opens up the following tab where you can give the tracker a name and search for the network (YouAppi):

Then click on “customise”, and you will be taken to the next screen. Click “create”:

10. To set up custom user permissions to see a particular networks’ trackers, first click the adjust icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen in the dashboard:

Then click account settings:

In account settings, select the users column and click “add user”:

This brings up a panel on the right-hand side. Here, enter the email:
and click on the custom box.
Then click on ‘app access’:

In the next screen, select your app you would like to configure access for and click it:

In the next field, click the custom box, then select YouAppi network tracker from the list underneath and click on it:

Next, select ON in order to turn on custom access for this tracker:

Now click apply at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Keep clicking apply through the screens until you get to the create button. Click create to create this user. You should receive a notification that the user was created.

11. The Attribution settings : click on the “all settings” tab on the app in question in the dashboard.

Then click Attribution:

The next screen then looks like this:

The “reattribution tab” details the settings for reattribution. There is an enabling toggle as well as a field for inactivity period and reattribution window.
Please set “0” days on the inactivity period, and “30” days on the reattribution window:

And it’s all done!

For more help:
User permissions doc:
Adjust doc for our module:


Please reachout to for further assistance, our team will support you.

*For running User Acquisition campaigns with Adjust, please use this document.