Postback Guide

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Many publishers request that YouAppi report the installs back to them automatically. For this purpose, YouAppi uses the publisher’s global callback URL to “ping” them every time there’s an install. Every time YouAppi reports an install to the publisher’s callback URL, we send along some useful data (like the publisher’s click ID). We do this by automatically populating the dedicated parameters on the publisher’s callback URL in real-time (i.e., specifically for every install). The publisher then matches the install with the click it originated from by matching the ID of the click with the click ID that was passed back by us on the install callback.

Postback Format

The format of the install callback differs from publisher to publisher, but all must have a dedicated parameter which YouAppi can populate with the publisher’s click ID in real-time.

For now YouAppi only support sending GET postbacks.


Original publisher postback:

Redirect URL Parameters

The table below contains detailed information about the parameters that YouAppi is able to send the publisher on their install callback:


Description Value Type
The publisher’s unique click ID (or “transaction ID”) for install postback setup as passed to us on our click link on the subid parameter. It is used to match the click with the install. String
Up to 4 placeholders for additional parameters that the publisher wants to pass on the click in order to have them passed back by us on the postback. String
The partner’s revenue in dollars String
The partner’s revenue in cents String
Store ID of the app String
Google advertising ID String
IDFA, iOS advertising ID String
Site ID, placement ID String